A leading home office supply brand needed to drive product awareness and increase same-day add on sales during the critical back-to-school time frame. The product is readily available in all 190 BJ’s Warehouse locations but had been an under-utilized convenience to the BJ’s club members.


The brand leveraged PRN’s unique multi-media advertising opportunity across the entire BJ’s Warehouse chain. By engaging club members across the HDTV wall and the In-Club Radio Network simultaneously, the brand was able to capture the shopper’s attention in full HD quality paired with subtle audio messaging broadcast throughout.

A 3-week bundled media campaign ran in September 2013 across all 190 locations. Both the client supplied video spot as well as the custom created audio spot were :15 in length, running six times (6x) per hour during all business hours. Both spots featured a call-to-action on the specific features and a department locator mention.


Audited receipts from the retailer for the 3-week period in September 2013 were compared against same-period / last year (September 2012) unit sales across all BJ’s Warehouse locations. The product mix for this office supply brand was exactly the same year-over year.


A staggering increase in unit sales of 91%1 on a year-over-year basis. No other marketing vehicles beyond the HDTV and In-Club Radio Networks were activated to impact this performance.

1Store audited and verified receipts collected during the same time frame (21 days) for both sales periods (September 2013 and September 2012)
2Based on BJ’s 2012 Viewership Study (Nielsen) and BJ’s estimates for In-Club radio (2013)

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