A leading pharmaceutical brand sought to raise awareness of the risks associated with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) and influence AFib patients and care-givers to visit the brand’s AFib-focused awareness website (unbranded).


PRN’s HDTV Network and Checkout TV® Network are captivating in-store digital media solutions strategically located at or near the point-of-purchase in leading supermarket, mass and club retailers across the country. The Brand selected these networks to reach a diverse population of consumers affected by AFib.

The brand’s campaign highlighted the consequences of the ailment, and then focused on awareness and education versus a brand or product. Two supplied spots – each optimized for the respective networks – contained calls-to-actions urging and AFib patients and their non-professional care-givers to visit an unbranded website dedicated to AFib awareness.

The campaign, which included a strategic media mix of Broadcast TV, Internet and in-store advertising, simultaneously aired on both PRN networks for eight weeks (Q4, 2012- Q1, 2013).


Worldwide Panel conducted a test / control online study with 365 respondents (patients and non-professional caregivers).

Primary results indicated the in-store campaign was successful and the most effective advertising medium.


  • Airing the on multiple PRN Networks lead to Ad Recall (50%1) nearly three times higher than Traditional TV (17%2)
  • Likelihood for viewers to take action and visit the website increased 39%1
  • In-store media proved the most effective medium to build awareness for the website1: More effective than Internet and Traditional TV1


1Atrial Fibrillation Pharmaceutical Therapy, Checkout TV® Network and HDTV Network Campaign Effectiveness Study, 2012/2013
2Ad Recall Stats: TV Dimensions, 2011

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