Marketing / Business Objective

A major broadcast network sought to measure the effectiveness of the Walmart Checkout TV® Network to drive tune-in.


Brand messages with full sight, sound, and motion play on screens positioned at Checkout. The Walmart Checkout TV® Network delivers a large captive audience with an average dwell time of 5.4 minutes, amplifies the brand, and promotes strong tune-in messages.

Creative Strategy

The client selected the network to deliver a mass audience for the launch of a new program with broad appeal. The brand’s campaign highlighted the show’s premiere date and time, underscored the network, and included a strong call-to-action to watch the show every week on the designated network at the advertised time. The in-store campaign ran in all Walmart stores with the Checkout TV® Network in April 2016.

Research Approach

A total of 510 online interviews were collected from late April to early May, 2016 by a leading third-party research partner, Soapbox Sample. There were 260 Walmart shoppers in the Test cell and 250 in the Control cell. On average, it took 10 minutes for Walmart shoppers to complete the online survey.


The network delivered double digit increases in actual tune-in when comparing responses of the Test to the Control shoppers.

  • 48% point increase in viewership of the show’s premiere (70% of the Test shoppers tuned into the show’s premiere vs. 22% of the Control)1
  • 31% point higher viewership in the last two weeks (46% of the Test vs. 15% of the Control)1

Watched Show's Premiere bar graph Past Two Weeks TV Tune-In bar graph

12016 TV Tune-In Campaign Effectiveness Study, Soapbox Sample

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About Checkout TV®
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