Marketing / Business Objective

A leading fresh berries brand sought to increase brand equity and influence purchase of its brand of fresh berries among Costco members.


PRN’s Costco TV Network is deployed in more than 490 locations nationwide and reaches 38 million+ monthly commercial viewers (18+). With front-of-warehouse placement in the Electronics/TV department, the network plays a customized 30-minute program loop across 30+ screens, featuring a blend of high definition and 4K content, retailer messaging and relevant advertising.

Creative Strategy

The fresh berries brand campaign ran from July 2 to 22, 2018 in all Costco locations installed with the TV network (490+). The campaign featured a 15-second supplied spot which ran 6x per hour. Key copy points included:

  • Fresh
  • Pick up today
  • Topped with a little joy

Research Approach

A third-party research partner, SoapBox Sample, collected a total of 1,000 online interviews from July 11 – August 3, 2018. There were 500 Costco members in the Test cell and 500 in the Control cell. On average, it took 12 minutes for Costco members to complete the online survey.


The Costco TV fresh berries brand campaign delivered a fruitful and convincing 40% increase in purchase of the brand’s advertised product.

For Costco Members exposed to the campaign vs. those not exposed to the campaign, the results showed:

  • 40% increase in purchase of the brand’s fresh berries during the campaign1
  • 140% increased likelihood to definitely purchase the brand’s fresh berries in the next 30 days1
  • 47% more likely to rate the brand as “Excellent”1

Similarly, these Costco Members were more likely to have a favorable perception of the brand and recommend the brand to others.

PRN 4KTV Network Fresh Berries Case Study Actual Purchase Bar Graph
PRN 4KTV Network Fresh Berries Case Study Likelihood To Purchase Bar Graph

1Fresh berries brand Campaign Effectiveness study, SoapBox Sample, 2018. Campaign sales self reported during most recent 2 weeks of the campaign.

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