Campaign Objective

Increase awareness of a co-pay offer on a prescription health testing product.

Media and Creative Strategy

The device manufacturer provided a :15 video for the higi attract screen in Kroger stores. Accompanying creative played on the interactive screen.

The campaign played in 1,900 Kroger stores from 5/22/14 to 7/19/14 and 7/22/14 through 8/20/14.

Messaging focused on the following key points:

  • Ask your pharmacist if you qualify for a prescription health testing device at no cost
  • Lowest co-pay on most health plans
  • Always covered by Medicare
  • #1 pharmacist recommended brand

Research Approach

Luth Research, a leading third-party research vendor and member of the Advertising Research Foundation, conducted a study to measure the campaign’s impact on pharmacy shoppers. The online survey was conducted from 8/19/14 – 9/2/14.

Results came from a sample of 208 respondents meeting the following qualifications

  • Adults 18+
  • Visited the Kroger pharmacy department at least once in the past three months
  • Current users of a prescription health testing device

Test and control groups were based on those who were exposed to the ad and those who were not, respectively.


The campaign resonated with testers, positively influencing brand equity metrics like opinion, recommendation, and likelihood to purchase. It also delivered on messaging goals.

  • Those exposed to the ad were more than twice as likely to identify the brand as the #1 pharmacist recommended.1
  • 48% of those exposed to the ad recalled that they should ask their pharmacist about whether they are eligible to receive the product at no charge.1
Likelihood to Purchase graph
Likelihood to Recommend graph
1Prescription Device Campaign Effectiveness study, Luth Research, 2014
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