A Nielsen Company study was conducted with shoppers who had recently visited the pharmacies of stores where the higi Network, a connected health kiosk network in over 7,000 retail pharmacy locations, is installed. THE GOAL to better understand the shopping behaviors of the supermarket pharmacy shopper and how valuable marketing messages are to them.

Research Approach

The Nielsen Company conducted an online survey to measure the campaign’s impact on pharmacy shoppers. The online survey was conducted from January 5-16, 2015.

Results came from a sample of ~400 respondents meeting the following qualifications:

  • Adults 18+
  • Visited the Albertsons Pharmacy in the past 4 weeks


Pharmacy shoppers are loyal to their supermarket pharmacy and shop there frequently.

73% identify the supermarket as their primary pharmacy
3 pharmacy visits on average per month
The higi Network reaches grocery shoppers before they make their purchase decisions.
66% say the primary purpose of supermarket visit is both pharmacy and grocery
53% make the pharmacy their first stop
60% notice the higi Networks station
6 other departments visited on average after pharmacy
1Cross Departmental Shopping study, The Nielsen Company, 2015
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