Campaign Background

A leading beverage brand ran a 2 month long Test vs. Control campaign across the LIFT Network to:

  • Quantify benefit of c-stores using both LIFT screen elements in tandem versus c-stores with stand alone screen elements or c-stores without LIFT (Control)
  • Amplify existing trade offer
  • Drive incremental brand unit sales

Campaign Results

The 2 month long campaign comprehensively proved that c-stores with both In-Transaction and Walk-Up screen elements used in tandem, significantly drove incremental sales for the promoted brand versus c-stores with stand alone screen elements or without LIFT

Net Increase in Average Weekly Units Sold vs. Control: Engaging current & new beverage consumers

  • Trade Pricing plus LIFT offers AND Walk-Up 21.4% 21.4%
  • Trade pricing plus LIFT In-Transaction Offers 11.8% 11.8%
  • Trade pricing plus LIFT Walk-Up Screen 11.6% 11.6%

Net Increase vs. Control: Highest in c-stores with both screen elements


Capturing New Consumers: Average Weekly Incidence Baskets

Source: LIFT POS Retailer Data 2019. Weekly incidence baskets: Baskets with promoted item.
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