Campaign Objective

A leading pharmaceutical brand sought to raise awareness and educate targeted pharmacy shoppers about the advertised POC high dose flu vaccine and encourage them to ask their healthcare provider about the vaccine.


PRN’s POC Healthcenters delivered significant, double-digit increases in impacting strategically targeted pharmacy shopper’s likelihood to talk to a healthcare professional about the advertised vaccine.

  • 36% increase in likelihood to ask a healthcare professional about the high dosage flu vaccine (53% of Test shoppers vs. 39% Control)
  • 64 percentage point increase more likely to recall the ad in the Test cell (75% of Test shoppers vs. 11% Control)
  • Remarkable 85% agreed the campaign’s main point is to “get the vaccine,” delivering significant ad impact

Research Approach

A leading third-party pharmacy research partner, IntelliSurvey, completed 400 online interviews from November 1-26, 2018. There were 200 Pharmacy shoppers, aged 65+, in both the Test and Control cells. Average survey took 12 minutes for Pharmacy Shoppers A65+ to complete.

Source: Flu Vaccine Study, November 2018, IntelliSurvey. Likelihood scores are Top Box.

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