Marketing / Business Objective

A major pharmaceutical brand sought to raise awareness and educate the advertised vaccine among strategically targeted pharmacy shoppers, and encourage them to ask a pharmacist about the branded vaccine.


PRN’s Health & Wellness Network includes thousands of health stations in major retail pharmacies nationwide. The network empowers brands to reach millions of pharmacy shoppers via targeted messaging opportunities at the point-of-purchase. Each health station offers inventory on two distinct screens: an “attract” screen displays branded videos and is visible throughout the pharmacy and OTC areas; an “interactive touchscreen” features branded videos, three banners, expandable/takeover and scrollable/PI banners, and banners with videos that pharmacy shoppers engage with during their testing sessions on the station.

Creative Strategy

The flu vaccine brand engaged the Health & Wellness Network to deliver a targeted message to an audience of pharmacy shoppers aged 65+. The brand’s campaign highlighted the flu vaccine’s high dosage, specifically formulated for ages 65+. The flu vaccine ad included a strong call-to-action to talk to a healthcare professional about this flu vaccine. This strategic in-store pharmacy campaign ran for 3+ months, September 17 to December 14, 2016 nationally in all Walmart pharmacies installed with a health station.

Research Approach

A total of ~400 highly targeted interviews were collected online from late November to mid-December 2016 by a leading third-party pharmacy research partner, dfr Research. There were ~200 highly targeted 65+ Walmart pharmacy shoppers and health station users in the Test cell and ~200 similarly targeted shoppers in the Control cell. On average, the Walmart pharmacy shoppers took 12 minutes to complete the survey.


PRN’s Health & Wellness Network delivered significant, double-digit increases in impacting targeted pharmacy customer’ likelihood to ask a healthcare professional about the advertised flu vaccine. Additionally, ad recall of the flu campaign was significantly higher vs. the Control shoppers.

  • 34% point increase in likelihood to ask a healthcare professional about the high dosage flu vaccine (82% of the Test shoppers vs. 61% Control)1
  • 62% point more likely to recall the ad in the Test cell (70% of the Test shoppers vs. 8% Control)1
  • Remarkable 70% agreed that the campaign’s main point is to get the vaccine1

Likelihood to Ask Healthcare Professional bar graph Ad Recall bar graph
12016 Vaccine Awareness Campaign Effectiveness Study, dfr Research

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