New Scala hardware for media acceleration and reliable deployment will also be on display

Sittard, The Netherlands, February 1, 2018—Scala announced it is demonstrating interactive shopper solutions at Integrated Systems Europe 2018, while capturing and displaying retail solution interactions and analytics in real time, a key part in creating memorable, personal experiences. The booth itself has been transformed into a store environment, showing innovation teams how using marketing technology, sensors and artificial intelligence directly improve audience engagement. Additionally, new Scala hardware will be on display for the first time in Europe – Scala media players and Scala Content Accelerator – devices that ensure reliable, timely delivery of rich media experiences, rounding out Scala’s full digital signage suite. Scala, part of the STRATACACHE family of digital media/ad tech companies, can be found in booth 8-E160 for discussions on how the combined knowledge and technology from the STRATACACHE family can exceed the needs of digital projects of any size or scope.

In Scala’s booth 8-E160 at ISE 2018, being held 6-9 February in Amsterdam, visitors will find solutions including:

  • Fashion: As brand value and sense of community become increasingly relevant and important to shoppers, digital can play a pivotal role in conveying the message. This solution invites shoppers to learn more about quality and brand story by interacting with the apparel, which triggers embedded sensors to display detailed information on a nearby screen.
  • Electronics Razer: This interactive experience, featuring high-performance Razer gaming mice, highlights guided selling strategies for high end speciality products. Shoppers control the product discovery process, either by filtering choices or building their personal search criteria, to learn more about the features and compare multiple gaming mice.
  • Cafe: Ordering – and waiting for! – coffee is as entertaining as it is efficient with our cafe experience. Shoppers use a tablet to send baristas their gourmet coffee order and take a selfie, which pops up on displays when their order is ready for pick up. Guests are entertained while waiting by using tablets to play a quick, fun game on large format screens behind the counter.
  • Wellness: Our in-aisle wellness kiosk provides shoppers with a convenient way to navigate the medicine aisle and quickly identify the most appropriate OTC medications for their needs. Using an intuitive touchscreen interface, shoppers select their symptoms and medication preferences, and are presented with a list of relevant OTC results and detailed medication information as well as the option to receive the results via text message.
  • Beauty: Transform the in-store experience with an engaging, interactive solution that guides shoppers through the product selection process while creating new sales opportunities. Touching an interactive display mirror triggers a series of questions about the shopper’s personal skin type and preferences, ultimately displaying a list of curated recommendations that best fit their skincare needs. Shoppers can also lift products from the display shelf which triggers the screen to update with detailed information. Lifting a second product helps the shopper compare the products and, when an upsell opportunity exists, triggers content to promote the higher-margin item.
  • Grocery: Improve store operations and optimize pricing in a high-volume retail environment. This solution allows store managers to use a tablet to monitor and manage store products via inventory database integration or set minimum or maximum price limits. When alerted to low or expiring stock, the price can be instantly, easily adjusted directly from the tablet, promoting faster sales and reduced food waste while mitigating revenue loss.

The back wall of the booth features a persona-building visualization technology demonstration and highlights the company’s real-time analytics capabilities, strengthened by last year’s acquisition of the Walkbase in-store marketing and analytics platform. “Shopper insights and analytics play a key part in enhancing and personalizing a measurable customer experience, empowering retailers to counter the deep intelligence competitors like Amazon use to compete,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of Scala and STRATACACHE. “In the ‘back office’ retailers will get a look into the analytics behind the solutions running on the show floor and how applying that knowledge lets them close the loop on marketing campaigns and sales conversion data – better serving their shoppers through relevant personalization.”

Additionally, Harry Horn, VP of Marketing/GM EMEA, will present on how a high touch experience helps shoppers to make better buying decisions, using in-store marketing technology for smarter signage and engagement. Harry’s presentation takes place 6 February at 15:00 CET at stand 13-N110 as part of the Flashtrack. Visit for details.

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