Costco TV Network

Unique advertising environment and opportunity

The SONIFI Hotel Network reaches 66 million consumers per month in a captive environment, where DVR-free TVs are the focal point of the room.

Costco TV Network Viewers and Locations stats
Costco TV Network Stats

Flexible targeting & content length

National, DMA, chain-scale & property-level targeting – from 15 seconds to 4 hours

Multi-platform exposure

Numerous media options to reach and engage high-value consumers

Influential audience of affluent consumers and business leaders

C-Suite Executive 233 Index
College Grads or higher 168 Index
Average HHI $100K+ 178 Index

Drive engagement by delivering a customized guest experience

Costco Visit Automotive Aisle spot
Costco Motor Oil spot
Costco Motor Oil spot
Costco Motor Oil spot