Campaign Objective

  • Educate pharmacy shoppers on their personal risk for the condition
  • Spur pharmacy shoppers to take action and speak to their pharmacist or doctor about the condition and steps they can take to prevent it

Media and Creative Strategy

A leading vaccine manufacturer provided an unbranded :15 video for the higi attract screen. Accompanying creative played on the interactive screen. The nationwide campaign played in 1,941 Albertsons, Kroger and Meijer pharmacies for four months, from 9/1/14 through 12/30/14. The call-to-action was “talk to your doctor or pharmacist to learn more about the condition.”

Research Approach

The Nielsen Company conducted an online survey to measure the campaign’s impact on pharmacy shoppers. The online survey was conducted for three weeks from 12/11/14 through 1/5/15.

Results came from a sample of approximately 400 respondents (~200 test/~200 control) meeting the following qualifications:

  • Adult 50 – 79
  • Must have visited the pharmacy in the last 4 weeks
  • Must be at risk for the condition and eligible for the vaccine

Test and control shoppers were based on those who were exposed to the ad and those who were not, respectively.


The campaign resonated with test shoppers, influencing them to talk to their pharmacist or doctor about the condition.

  • 63% of the test shoppers requested more information about the condition from their pharmacist versus 46% of the control – a 37% difference.1
  • Those exposed to the ad were 24% more likely to start a discussion with their pharmacist about the condition.1
  • The test shoppers indicated they were 2.5 times more likely to ask a pharmacist in the next three months about the condition versus the control, while likelihood to ask a doctor increased by 70%.1
Pinnacle of Engagement chart
Request More Info from Doctor graph
1Vaccine and Condition Awareness Campaign Effectiveness study, The Nielsen Company, 2014
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