A leading Cable Service Provider (CSP) sought to increase awareness of their on-demand movie rental service and influence shoppers to switch from the competition.


PRN’s Checkout TV® Network is an in-store media solution enabling marketers to engage and message consumers in purchase mode while waiting in the checkout aisle at some of the nation’s largest retail and supermarket locations. The brand selected the Checkout TV® Network for its mass reach and deep engagement with consumers for endemic and non-endemic products.

The brand supplied three different 30-second spots featuring three new movie releases available through their on-demand service. The spots were targeted to users of competing rental services and highlighted the CSP’s ability to offer movies in advance of the competition.

The campaign, which ran for three weeks spanning Q4 of 2012 and Q1 of 2013, was a strategic use of the Checkout TV® Network as one of the competing services was located in-stores. By airing dynamic sight, sound and motion video ads in proximity of the competition’s static signage, the Brand was able to attract shoppers’ attention and effectively influence them to switch services.


Worldwide Panel conducted a test / control study with 595 respondents surveyed online.


  • Checkout TV® Network’s deep consumer engagement lead to Ad Recall (46%1) nearly three times higher than Traditional TV (17%2)
  • Likelihood to rent movies form the CSP in the next 90 days increased 18% and rose above the competition by 7%1
  • Campaign stimulated further action: 13% increase in respondents who actually rented from the CSP within three weeks of post-ad exposure1

Graph showing Checkout TV network engages consumers with 46% ad recall compared to 17% for traditional TVCOTV_Case_MoviesOnDemand_Loyalty

1Movies On Demand Checkout TV® Network Campaign Effectiveness Study, 2013
2Ad Recall Stats: TV Dimensions, 2011

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