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C-Store Network

Cookies: Driving Impulse Purchases

A well-known snack brand wanted to increase sales in the c-store. LIFT drove brand awareness by presenting consumers with a compelling offer at the point of purchase.

Chips: Driving C-Store Volume

A major salty snack brand sought to drive sales volume in specific DMAs across the LIFT Network by targeting on-the-go consumers with a Walk Up spot and Custom Discount offer

Health & Wellness Network

Campaign on the higi Network succeeds in influencing pharmacy shoppers 50+

Campaign on health station screens to educate pharmacy shoppers on their personal risk for the condition, spur pharmacy shoppers to take action and speak to their pharmacist or doctor, build awareness of a website dedicated to improving understanding of the condition and providing consumers with information about what they can do to prevent it, and gain insight into consumer attitudes towards the higi Network

4KTV Network

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PRN™ is Back as a STRATACACHE™ Company

PRN has joined the STRATACACHE family. Most recently known as IZ-ON Media, the company has reclaimed the PRN brand to represent its deep focus and roots in retail. Working with the largest brands and retailers in the world, PRN is the leading provider of in-store shopper video, mobile and content marketing solutions that activate shoppers along the path to purchase right up to the point of sale.