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PRN Announces New Sales Center of Excellence Focused on In-Store Retail Media Networks

June 24, 2024

PRN Sales Center of Excellence
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US—June 24, 2024—PRN today announced the opening of a new “Sales Center of Excellence” which will extend PRN’s capability to create, deploy and support in-store retail media networks globally, with a primary focus on in-store and connected TV networks. PRN, part of the STRATACACHE family of companies including Scala and Walkbase, has nearly 30 years of experience creating successful networks in many of the largest retailers in the world. The new sales center will help PRN accelerate services for retailers competing for the $120+ billion annual retail media spend in 2024 and beyond.

The PRN Sales Center will grow in the Premier Building at 110 N. Main and deliver expertise that covers a full scope of in-store retail media, including in-store digital networks, programmatic retargeting, streaming/CTV, mobile and digital out of home. While many retailers have mature online retail media platforms, in-store digital and CTV opportunities are extremely high growth, high margin areas for retailer expansion. The PRN Sales Center will help retailers and global brands reach customers in new ways and generate high value audiences to monetize those impressions.

“Retail media networks have been dominating conversations among major brands and retailers, and this is an area where PRN has a proven record of excellence in delivering in-store strategy and execution,” said Kevin Carbone, CEO of PRN. “The new Sales Center will elevate PRN’s ability to fully align retailer and brand needs, delivering new in-store revenue streams for retailers and more personalized, targeted, and measurable in-store messaging and promotion for brands. Global brands and retailers are struggling with the transparency and efficacy of programmatic ad tech in the store. PRN provides the people and services necessary to directly overcome those challenges and ensure successful, attributable audience conversions all the way through the transaction.”

The Sales Center will create more than 100 new tech jobs in downtown Dayton. As part of the STRATACACHE Digital City agenda, attracting STEM-savvy talent in data science, advanced sensors, digital display and complex network operations to the area is a key initiative. PRN will be actively recruiting data scientists, retail media sales professionals, strategic agency specialists and CPG/FMCG ambassadors as part of this launch.

“Continuing to expand and evolve the Dayton tech ecosystem is critical for the growth of the local economy,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE. “We’re committed to a continuous growth of not only our digital media businesses, but also our investment in the Dayton community.”

About PRN

PRN, part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, delivers end-to-end solutions providing hardware, software, services and support, driving content to 41,000+ screens for major brands in over 13,000 locations. PRN has over 30 years of success in architecting, deploying, and monetizing multi-stakeholder rich media networks. PRN’s proprietary set of tools, technologies, content partnerships and creative services have been expressly designed to deliver fresh and engaging experiences that delight out of home and retail consumers, engage brands, and deliver maximum value to our venue partners. Learn more about PRN at, on LinkedIn, Twitter @PRNllc or on Facebook.


STRATACACHE, Inc. is the leading provider of intelligent digital signage, digital merchandising, mobile enablement, and rich media customer engagement at retail. These solutions help influence customers at the point-of-decision, generating new sales opportunities and enhanced retail profitability. Learn more about the STRATACACHE family at, on Twitter @STRATACACHE or on Facebook.

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