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Retail Monetization Webinar: Turning In-Store Traffic into Ad Dollars

Mar 18, 2021

As customers return to stores, retailers are seeking to recapture customer trust, engagement and loyalty. Studies also consistently show that customers are seeking novel, in-person experiences.“75% of consumers are trying a new shopping behavior, including trying new brands and places to shop.”*

Now more than ever, it is important for retailers to win shopper loyalty and deliver personalized, relevant in-store experiences, leveraging in-store digital advertising to achieve these goals.

As leaders in retail media, with digital advertising screens and smart displays in over 13,000 retail locations, our in-store digital advertising webinar helps retailers discover strategies and technologies that unlock brand advertising monetization, drive incremental retail media revenue, and improve the in-store customer experience.

View the webinar above and download a monetization checklist. This checklist helps retailers determine their readiness to deploy and manage digital advertising displays that turn in-store traffic into advertising dollars.

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