Marketing / Business Objective

A leading wellness tea brand sought to raise brand awareness and influence purchase consideration for the advertised tea brand. The campaign promoted the tea brand to pharmacy shoppers as an alternative to traditional over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.


Pursuant Health Network includes thousands of health stations in major retail pharmacies nationwide, including Walmart. Brands on the network can now reach millions of pharmacy shoppers with targeted messaging at the point-of-purchase. Each health station offers two distinct screens: an “attract” screen visible throughout the pharmacy displays branded videos; an “interactive touchscreen” features expandable banner ads that open to full-page takeovers and inter-session video ads which engage pharmacy shoppers during their testing sessions on the station.

Creative Strategy

The tea brand engaged the network to deliver a targeted message to an audience of pharmacy shoppers. The campaign aired on the digital attract screen and on the user interactive touch screen, while the brand’s products were displayed and advertised on the side of the health station. The campaign highlighted the brand’s natural, plant-powered products as a way to address many common health conditions. This national in-store pharmacy campaign ran for one month, from February 17 to March 16, 2018, in 1,000 strategically selected Walmart pharmacies.

Research Approach

A total of 300 online interviews were conducted among Walmart pharmacy shoppers via a self-administered online survey. Half of the interviews were Test and half were Control. The Test shoppers are those who visited the pharmacy and recalled the campaign on the network and the Control shoppers are those who did not visit the pharmacy or did not recall the campaign. The study was conducted by SoapBox Sample.


The Pursuant Health Network delivered significant, double-digit increases in impacting targeted pharmacy shopper likelihood to purchase the product in the future. Additionally, ad recall of the campaign was significantly higher among the Test vs. the Control shoppers.

  • 73% of pharmacy shoppers exposed to the network recall the tea brand’s campaign1
  • 65% of shoppers who recall the brand’s product displays on the health station say they made a tea brand purchase that day1
  • 83% of the shoppers exposed to the campaign report it made them want to learn more about the brand (vs. 50% of shoppers who were not exposed to the campaign)1
Pursuant Health Case Study Tea Brand Likelihood to Purchase in the Future graph
Pursuant Health Case Study Tea Brand Ad Recall graph
12018 Tea Brand Awareness Campaign Effectiveness Study, SoapBox Sample. Ad Recall is aided.
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