Tech Brand Campaign


PRN Costco TV Network - Tech Brand Campaign 2022

A leading technology brand successfully launches an environmentally conscious campaign on PRN’s Costco TV Network

Campaign Objective

Launch the environmentally conscious campaign, build awareness of the tech brand as an environmental tech brand and drive purchase of the brand at Costco among Costco members who are in the market for a computer and accessories.


Based on self reported Costco member mobile survey data, the campaign delivered double and triple digit increases in current and future purchase of the promoted brand, both at the warehouse and online at Costco. When comparing mobile survey responses from those who recall the ad versus those who don’t recall the ad:

  • 250% increase in current purchase of the brand
  • 47% increase in likelihood to purchase in the future at Costco or
  • 43% increase in likelihood to consider the tech brand for the next purchase at Costco or

Overall the campaign recall was strong at 31%, on par with industry norms

Current Purchase
at Costco

Likelihood to Buy in the Future
at Costco or

Research Approach

A third-party research partner, MFour Mobile Research, collected a total of 450 mobile interviews from April 1 to May 10, 2021, among Costco members who were in the market for a personal computer. On average, it took 10 minutes for Costco members to complete the mobile survey. Members who successfully completed the survey were incentivized by MFour Mobile Research.

Source: Tech Brand study, April 2022, MFour, Mobile Research. Member data is based on mobile survey based self reported data. *Current Purchase is on the day of the interview.

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